Cardboard Plotter

Handmade manual drawing machine by Niklas Roy made with simple materials - video embedded below:

This plotter is made entirely out of cardboard, welding rod, rubber bands, adhesive tape and super glue. The digital memory is a little book with plenty of different drawing codes, which are written down as coordinates. In this video I’m entering the first code, which makes the plotter draw “hello world”.

You can find out more about the project at Niklas’ blog here



Mechanical Pocket Monsters by Justin Gershenson-Gates

One of my favorite James Bond movies as a kid was Man With the Golden Gun, because of Scaramanga’s DIY gun he snaps together from various spare parts. They may not be guns, but Justin’s patchwork creatures are probably just as a deadly, containing parts from watches, gears, spring barrels, jewels, clips, straps, and stems. I want one as a pet… I would name him Mortimer and I would assemble him in front of my enemies like Scaramanga did, on my own island fortress of course where I’ve brought them to meet their tiny doom. You can purchase some of these clockwork beasts over at the etsy.

Artist: DeviantArt / Facebook

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